PMC Co., Ltd.   


About Company


     PMC Co., Ltd. is the legal structure created in 2008.
     PMC Co., Ltd. - possesses optimum serial technology of cultivation profile sapphire (corundum) on Stepanov method (EFG) in the form of tapes (thickness to 8mm and width to 100mm), pipes, cores and other more difficult profiles, and also, organizational-technical possibilities for introduction of this technology at other enterprises or for expansion of own manufacture.
     PMC Co., Ltd. - has long-term relations, both with the enterprises of the Russian Federation, and with foreign Customers of our production. We constantly expand product range due to active actions on research and development.
     PMC Co., Ltd. - monthly sends for export to 300 kg of the grown-up crystals in the form of tapes, and also, if necessary, carries out processing (cut on preparations, polishing, polishing).
     PMC Co., Ltd. - is interested in preservation and development of the saved up scientific and tech-nical and personnel potential, and also in cooperation with the enterprises having high scientific and technical image and the corresponding infrastructure.
     We carry out researches on reception on Stepanov method of tapes from monocrystal corundum with maintenance Cr to 0,4% for manufacturing of gauges of temperature.
     Have independently developed and have introduced in manufactures the new optimized thermal zone with loading volume 1,3kg (instead of former to 0,9g).
     If you were interested by our offers, we are ready to the further negotiations during any time con-venient for you.



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