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Sapphire Products


     Sapphire has a number of remarkable properties, e.g. a high melting point, hardness and wear resistance, transmittance in a wide range of wavelengths, chemical neutrality and mechanical strength. The heat conductance of sapphire is similar to that of metals, yet it is an excellent insulator and retains its basic properties under radiation.
     A wide range of sapphire products can be manufactured using the Stepanov method (EFG).
Tapes, rods and round, square, triangular-selection and other tubes. The parts have been made in the plant without any machining or lapping, by pulling directly from melt by the Stepanov method (EFG), using various tailored formers, appropriate temperature conditions and conditions of process motions, which is the main «Know-How» of the process.
     Products have the following dimensions after growth:
 tapes – width up to 100mm, thickness up to 8,0mm, length up to 300mm;
rods – diameter between 3,0 and 15,0mm, length up to 500mm;
 tubes – cross-section within a circle 50mm, length up to 1000mm, tube wall thickness between 1,0 and 10,0mm, minimum inside diameter of the holes 1,0mm.
     Sapphire parts of more intricate configuration can be manufactured in the plant subject of the agreement with the Customer.
     Products of improved dimensional accuracy can also be manufactured to special Order.
     Now, we are ready to offer production in the form of tapes after growth, and also, if necessary, to spend processing (open on preparations, grinding, polishing).



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